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Vesalio S.A., one of the most foremost providers of healthcare and medical devices, has reportedly declared that its flagship technology has received the long-awaited CE marking – the pivotal certification that signifies conformity with health, safety, & environmental protection for all the products that are sold within the confines of the EEA (European Economic Area).

For the uninitiated, Vesalio S.A., established in the year 2014, is a privately held company partaking in medical devices industry share. The company primarily focuses on the advancement of medical technology for the treatment of strokes. The proprietary NeVa™ neurothrombectomy platform is incidentally the company’s first product line for the treatment of strokes. With the declaration of having received the CE Mark certification for NeVa, Vesalio aims to smoothly accrue a sizable share of neurovascular devices industry.

Vesalio’s product launch comes at a time when the prevalence of strokes is nearly at its tipping point. Sources state that as per the evaluations compiled by the European Journal of Neurology, the number of diagnosed stroke patients in Europe will cross 1.5 million on an annual basis by 2025. The NeVa™ neurothrombectomy platform by Vesalio, apparently, is an optimum solution for stroke treatment. Developed by a team of medical professionals that specialize in stroke treatment, the NeVa mechanical thrombectomy technology was specifically designed to improve the ‘first pass’ success by means of conveniently removing clots that block the regular flow of blood to the brain. Experts claim that the technology, now having received its CE certification, is likely to revolutionize neurovascular devices market trends.

Steve Rybka, Vesalio’s current CEO, has been quoted stating that the company executives are rather appreciative of the fact that their debut product has finally received the much-needs accreditation. According to Rybka, this prominent milestone will now allow the company to penetrate Europe healthcare and medical devices market. He also mentioned that the company looks forward to working with its worldwide sales and physician partners to commercialize NeVa in neurovascular devices market as the most viable option for treating strokes.